PNW Pro Climbing Competition Circuit 2015

Wake up. Warm up. Go hard 3 hours. Top 5 hard boulders. Eat. Rest. Get Psyched. Spotlights on. Face the crowd. Dyno. Crank. Flash. Repeat x 4.

October 2015 was packed with cash-purse competitions every weekend. Starting with the Portland Boulder Rally near my hometown, week after week I got to try my hardest alongside some of the top competitors in the US and Canada. Stoked to have taken a win!! Most of us felt like we were hit by a truck the day after the first comp, so sore, but I loved getting into that competition mindset that forces me to push that hard.

Overall I had an awesome time fighting through the comps with these ladies. Check out the highlight videos below!

Portland Boulder Rally

The Circuit Bouldering Gym           Tigard, OR


1 Kyra Condie             1 Nathaniel Coleman

2 Angie Payne            2 Jimmy Webb

3 Meagan Martin       3 Tyler Landman

4 Kasia Pietras            4 Kai Lightner

5 Lisa Chulich              5 Carlo Traversi

6 Alannah Yip              6 Dalton Bunker


Northwest Boulderfest

Seattle Bouldering Project            Seattle, WA

Alannah SPB

Alannah Yip Problem #2



1 Lisa Chulich             1 Nathaniel Coleman

2 Angie Payne            2 Peter Dixon

3 Sidney Trinidad      3 Sean Bailey

4 Alannah Yip            4 Carlo Traversi

5 Tiffany Melius         5 Jesse Taplin

6 Maria Celkova         6 Simon Parton


Seattle Bouldering Challenge ProAm

Stone Gardens            Bellevue, WA




1 Angie Payne                         1 Nathaniel Coleman

2 Kyra Condie                        2 Carlo Traversi

3 Sidney Trinidad                 3 Alex Fritz

4 Lisa Chulich                       4 Tyler Landman

5 Alannah Yip                       5 Sean Bailey

6 Melina Costanza               6 Peter Dixon


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