Name: Lisa Chulich
Date of Birth: May 1992
Year Started Climbing: 2006
Height: 5’7”
Ape Index: + 0.5
Hometown: Olympia, WA
Currently Living: LA | SLC


+ US Bouldering Team Athlete
+ World Cup Competitor
+ Develops her own training programs
+ Instructed numerous strength and technique clinics in the PNW

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Tell us about how it all began. Why did you start climbing?

Raised a gymnast, I didn’t know what to do with my free time when the gym closed down in my hometown. I still craved the movement of gymnastics, feats of strength/balance, and chalk, so I followed my brother into climbing. He showed me around my first comp and quality climbs outside. Those days introduced me to people and climbs that eventually turned my interest of climbing into a passion.


Tell us about your experience with competition climbing. When did you start? What do you enjoy about competing? What are your aspirations?

No, competition climbing doesn’t replicate the vibe of climbing outside, at all. To me, comps are a completely different challenge – who can figure out crazy beta fast, control their minds, and feed from the energy from the crowd to try hard.

An established climber exposed my brother and I to local Seattle competitions when I was 13. There was no team or program to follow at the time in Olympia, so my brother and I pushed each other and traveled to comps around the PNW.

After a season I took time off of comp climbing to travel and train for volleyball. When I was 16 I returned to the climbing comp scene full force, starting with ABS Youth and PNW Open competitions.

Now as an adult US team competitor, I plan to compete in between outdoor trips, both at local pro comps and World Cup competitions.

Competition Highlights:

2017 Tokyo World Cup 25th
2017 Nanjing World Cup 21st
2017 Meiringen World Cup 21st
2016 Innsbruck World Cup 28th
2016 Navi Mumbai World Cup 18th
2015 SBP Pro 1st
2015 Munich World Cup 23rd/90
2013 Vail World Cup 20th


Tell us about your experience on rock. Where did you first go outside? What’s your favorite area? Most memorable ascents?

I am from the Pacific Northwest, so I’ve got to give some credit to areas like Leavenworth and Little Si in Washington, but you can check out my Top Climbs for some of my favorite areas and climbs! I’ll keep my blog updated with all my new favorites (as I’m sure they’ll change as I climb more and more).

Top Climbing Stats:
Problem: Nutsa – V11 | Rocklands, SA
Flash: An Amal Roof – V9 | Rocklands, SA
Route: Stiffler – 5.13c | Rat Cave, OR
On sight: Crack Babies – 5.12b | Smith Rock, OR