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Competing in India

8:50pm  Board a flight New York – Mumbai 8:51pm   Arrive in Mumbai International Airport (14 hrs later…) 9:46pm  Start sweating immediately as I stepped outside to meet my driver to the hotel. 10:11pm  Crash course in India travel – cars don’t use lanes, constant horns, and mopeds zipping through everywhere!   11:01pm  Arrive and unpack at […]

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Power of Cacao

I’ve never been a big coffee drinker. Or really even caffeine in general. This past year I started branching out and testing how I feel after different amounts of sleep, various morning routines, and pre-workout energy options. One that I have stuck with is hot chocolate!     I noticed that Amazing Grass and other “superfood” […]

Stories Behind the Photos: South Africa

Traveler’s Rest Well, we are in the middle of farm land surrounded by mountains littered with boulders. Sheep are our neighbors, and the cows break our water pipes when they step on them! Elandsbaai Beach Misty days on the beach led to exploration and fresh food! Arjan knew of this sought after surfing spot at […]