Climbing Puerto Rico

A few things to note:map
  • This is Puerto Rico – Not Costa Rica
  • The island is scattered with granite boulders in fields, boulders in the jungle, boulders on hills made of more boulders on boulders
  • Yes, it felt like I was in a sauna

But look at these blocks ; )

Previously in 2015, Josh Larson met up with the PR locals and got a quick tour of all the untapped potential on the island – boulders, crags, and boulders big enough to bolt! I joined up with them this past November to check out the work they had done and help open up new sectors.


We headed to the jungle straight off the plane with bug spray and a machete, uncovering not-so small hidden gems.


Gnomon V5                                                                      The Cake Boulder


Lisa’s Crack V8

All Photos © Dan Krauss

Explore through this link to get detailed beta on traveling to climb in PR and what has been established so far!

Equation of time

Equation of Time V10


The conditions are humbling. My hands would barely dry after washing them, let alone trying to not sweat off the rock. Yet the lines we cleaned were often unique and high quality, I wanted to climb them all! After accepting the frustration, and being purposeful with each burn, I finally got to tick off a few sends and open problems. Plus, we were staying in a house, on the beach, minutes from boulders, surrounded by jungles filled with iguanas and avocados. Not a bad place to play.


If you get the chance to climb in PR, check out the Flag Boulders and the Iguana boulder [more info here]. They present a high volume of stellar problems ranging in grade. As for off the rock, I would definitely take time to hang in San Juan. Hip, historical, built with Spanish influence, it’s easy to say we were entertained exploring the city too.


Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 3.46.55 PM

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