PNW Pro Climbing Competition Circuit 2015

Wake up. Warm up. Go hard 3 hours. Top 5 hard boulders. Eat. Rest. Get Psyched. Spotlights on. Face the crowd. Dyno. Crank. Flash. Repeat x 4. October 2015 was packed with cash-purse competitions every weekend. Starting with the Portland Boulder Rally near my hometown, week after week I got to try my hardest alongside […]

IFSC 2015 Transition from Training to Comps – The Mental Side

Training to overcome a plateau was only the first step. Mentally owning new strength and destroying old self-limits was crucial for breaking through. Physical training comes naturally to me, self-discipline to push my body past its comfort zone, whatever the training session I’ve written down says to do. Mentally owning newly gained strengths, and applying them […]

Body Work Part I: Even Out!

Bouldering hurts. Frustrating, but many of us love it, and want to keep pushing ourselves at it without getting injured. Queue body maintenance – balancing our bodies to stay healthy. Yet, like flossing, how often do we take the time? After rehabbing out of a labral tear, training for both beach volleyball and climbing, and […]

Training: Core

  Crunches and sit-ups – classic. Most of us have been told to do those since elementary school, as they are often included in ab exercise routines. Yet what sport actually uses an athlete’s abdominals in isolation lying on the ground? Running, gymnastics, volleyball, climbing; power and strength are translated throughout the body by utilizing […]

October 2014: My Top Five

My Top 5 Locations would be: Leavenworth, WA – First place I bouldered outside. Everything from overhanging compression to techy faces, the canyons are packed with classics! Be sure to check out The Fridge Center (v4) and Lion’s Den (V9). Fontainebleau, France – Go vulnerable and you’ll leave a better climber. So much to focus […]

Stories Behind the Photos: South Africa

Traveler’s Rest Well, we are in the middle of farm land surrounded by mountains littered with boulders. Sheep are our neighbors, and the cows break our water pipes when they step on them! Elandsbaai Beach Misty days on the beach led to exploration and fresh food! Arjan knew of this sought after surfing spot at […]


Ten minutes from the boulders, forty from the beach. Fresh gourmet seafood entres for less than $10 and rooibos everywhere we go. Not to mention all the gymnastic style boulders surrounded by valleys of untouched rock. Tis is Afrika! I arrived in Cape Town mid June to meet up with Kasia, Jimmy, and Daniel. We […]

VIDEO: EpicTV’s Tales from the Forest Part 2

Check out Part 2 of EpicTV’s Tales from the Forest featuring me fighting one of the hardest mid grade highball arétes in the classic bouldering spot of Fontainebleau. This slopey, balancey, beast is very technical and extremely physically demanding. On the last day, dripping blood, and taped up like a mummy, I finally got the […]