CBD – A Way to Balance Intensity and Recovery

Localized anti-inflammatory synergistic with your body

5 Noteworthy Benefits

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Pain relief
  • Reduce anxiety and depression
  • Heart health [1]
  • Insomnia treatment

What is CBD

Cannabidiol is a chemical compound naturally occurring in cannabis. It is structurally different than THC in away that leaves it unable to bind to CB1 receptors, which are the receptors responsible for psychological euphoric effects. Pure CBD will not produce a high. In fact, the World-Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD from its 2018 prohibited list.


Some is needed, too much too long is harmful

If inflammation is part of the human body’s natural healing process, why do we want to inhibit it? As with many other systems in our bodies, balance is key. Inflammation is important in the initial stages immediately following an acute injury; however, lingering inflammatory proteins while the healing processes begins can slow the process. Most Americans turn to over the counter NSAIDs such as ibuprofen for everything from inflammation to headaches and muscle soreness. While accessible and commonplace, researchers are continuously uncovering damaging effects caused by extended use of these drugs. [2]

Why NSAIDs Are Hard On Your Body

Although easily accessible, ibuprofen is still a drug. NSAIDs can be effective at reducing pain and inflammation after an acute injury. They are NOT, however, intended or safe to be taken on a regular basis.

Long Term Health Affects:

  • Heart Attack -Taking any dose of NSAIDs for a week, month, or more slightly increases the likelihood of myocardial infarction – Michele Bally University of Montreal Hospital Research Centre
  • Bleeding or holes in stomach and intestine [3]
  • Interferes with blood flow to Kidneys

Concerns As an Athlete:

  • Daily use can slow healing of muscles, ligaments, cartilage, and tendons [4]
  • Can decrease bone and muscle strength [5]
  • Destroys your gut, check this – leaky gut

Post Injury:

Inhibits bone healing – interactions occur between inflammatory proteins and bone metabolism. NSAIDs have been shown to have negative affects on, and in some cases prevent, bone healing. [7]

Uses of CBD


Enter CBD. With none of the side affects listed above, CBD is a successful anti-inflammatory that acts on different pathways to reduce joint swelling and reduce pain.

Many of NSAID’s harful effects are linked to their mechanism of blocking prostaglandins. CBD acts on entirely different pathways.

  • Decreases pain by acting on vanilliod receptors [8]
  • Reduces inflammation by activating of adenosine A2A receptors, which then reduces production of inflammatory proteins [9]
  • Reduces excess synovial joint fluid in rat studies [10]
  • Blocks GPR55 receptors. The activation of this receptor can stimulate osteoclasts to break down bone. While beneficial under a certain threshold, over activation of this process leads to osteoporosis. [11]


CBD oil is commonly available as a tincture or salve. Studies have found transdermal applications to be an effective source of reducing inflammation. [10] Suggested uses:

Salve: localized anti inflammatory

Tincture: anxiety, sleep, full body aches, sleep


Things to Consider

Know your source. Pure, high quality CBD is crucial for full benefits and low THC

Use locally and intermittently after workouts. As a climber, I use the salve on my finger joints/tendons after brutal days climbing and finger training to reduce some of the stress there without sending anti-inflammatory signals to my entire body. I also used daily on my recent mcl tear to help reduce pain at night and inflammation. Beginning 4 days after the injury, I was very thankful to have access to the salve.

Would love to hear about your experience with CBD! Check out the products below, leave a comment, let me know what you think.

Frogsong Farm CBD is my go-to trusted source. 100% created on their farm, pure, effective. If you have any questions about the extraction or creation process, please message  https://frogsongfarm.com/support/ asap : )





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