Beyond Water

Every morning I wake up and drink 16-32 oz before a light breakfast. The first day I made this switch from downing oatmeal to hydrating and waiting a bit before eating, I found serious digestion benefits, a decrease in sluggish feelings, and noticeable energy increases.

I’ve gotten a lot of questions lately on what I eat and my nutrition. Optimal diets are specific to individuals and their demands, but, the importance of hydration is just as significant and universal! It’s been clutch to surviving travel, training, long days in the sun and avoiding injuries climbing in the cold. How much water do you need? Studies have fluctuated on exact amounts, but refer to the simple urine test – consume enough liquids so it is light in color (note consistently clear urine can signify over diluting your system, so neither a dark or clear extreme is desired).

If you want to dive into the research behind water's importance to our cognitive function, physiology, and life, click HERE

I have multiple friends who don’t like “the taste of water”. Really?? But, despite their efforts to drink more, they constantly end up dehydrated.

So this post is for you! (And, all of us). Below I have listed my favorite hydrating drinks, their health benefits, and examples of my go-to combos for both hot weather and chilly days.

Ginger Tea

Boil slices of ginger for 5-10 min. Leaving the lid on, reduce heat to low and let simmer for another 10-60min. Remove from heat and let the ginger continue to steep for a few more hours or over night. The more ginger you use (or less water) will result in a stronger ginger spice. I then pour this strong ginger tea into a jar that I can then use throughout the next few days, adding splashes into other drinks or enjoying on it’s own. Enjoy either hot or chilled. Great for digestion.

For more information about the benefits of the root: Ginger Nutrition

Combination Tips – spices up drinks while adding a touch of sweetness.


Probably my favorite addition of this past year! Look for pure cocoa, or mixes with minimal ingredients. Added sugar is counterproductive.

For more information about the benefits of the bean: Cocoa Nutrition

Combination Tips – think of your favorite dark chocolate bar, and recreate it. Examples below

Favorite beans from Peru – Treehouse Chocolate



Native to South Africa, the leaves of this bush contain substantial amounts of antioxidants and create a lightly rich, warming flavor.

For more information about the benefits of the plant: Rooibos Nutrition

Combination Tips – the honeybush essence of the tea allows it to pair well with anything you’d like to lighten, or would top with vanilla ice cream



Energy drink and fuel all in one.

They are my go to snack on a plane, after hot days drilling in the sand, and post climbing bites.

For more information about the benefits of the vegetable: Cucumber Nutrition


This fermented tea drink helps maintain healthy digestion and is incredibly refreshing.

Numerous infusions are available, everything from peppermint to chai to habanero.


To learn more about kombucha and benefits: Brew Dr. Kombucha 



Infusion Ideas

Always curious, I’ve tested out some of my favorite drink combinations for both hot days in the sun and freezing days out at the crag. Here are some to try!


Cool Off

Water &  lime + mint

Iced Rooibos tea & ginger

Brew Dr Kombucha

Iced cocoa & ginger + lime

Iced cocoa & mint

Iced cocoa & orange blossom



Ignite Inner fire

Cocoa & red cayenne pepper + cinnamon

Cocoa & toasted coconut + coconut oil

Cocoa & tart cherry

I add about 4 dried tart cherries (pure, 

no additives) to a cup off cocoa 

Cocoa & rose water

Ginger tea & red cayenne pepper

Rooibos tea



  • If you feel nauseous at the thought of drinking liquid without any food in your stomach in the morning, try eating some lettuce. I down bunches of greens daily before meals. Viewing romaine lettuce as a vitamin drink, adding such greens before eating a larger meal has kept me much more hydrated and reduced bloating.
  • Dress with lemon or lime juice to gain electrolyte benefits as well.
  • When icing cocoa, heat the water to mix the ingredients, then chill


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